more than just a place to live


These days it’s all about living in a creative, stress-free environment that fosters a sense of community and enhances your living experience. There’s more to life than work and home, which is why we offer a variety of options to help promote not only a healthy balanced lifestyle but also to encourage you to meet new people and try something different!

We understand the importance of giving back, to our residents and to our local community. For this reason, at Hylyfe we are promoting a greener way of living.

greener living

Did you know?

Introducing nature into the build environment is proven to lower blood pressure, stress hormones and heart rates. It actually improves productivity, concentration and overall happiness whilst also purifying the air.

We’re encouraging sustainable living by providing our tenants with guides on how to live greener (which in turn reduces their bills), recycle correctly and reduce single-use plastic. You’ll also notice a LOT of plants around the building!

health & wellbeing

Our roof top terrace and landscaped courtyard are areas where you can relax, top up your vitamin D and find a sense of calmness in our crazy day-to-day lives. The focus on health and wellbeing and the importance of reconnecting with oneself has evolved in great importance over the last few years. Use our residents gym for a convenient way to work out, and sign up to our yoga and fitness classes provided exclusively for residents! Join the lifestyle philosophy and prioritise the self in the name of health!

clothing bank

Textile waste and fast fashion is the biggest growing pollutant on the planet – 3 of every 5 new garments purchased end up in landfill! This is why we believe a clothing bank is a fantastic solution as it’s a convenient way for our residents to dispose of their unwanted garments whilst helping the environment and contributing to the important work of the Aegis Trust. The donated clothes are recycled and resold in the White Rose boutique stores, located in Hockley and the Market Square areas of Nottingham city centre as well as in the neighbouring town of Newark. By recycling clothes we can help divert up to 25% of waste going to landfill, it’s a win-win for all. The clothing bank is located in the car park.

creative quarter

The Creative Quarter Company, owned jointly by Nottingham Trent University and Nottingham City Council, is an economic development and place making agency, and acts a catalyst and an enabler of Nottingham’s future economic success, focusing on the creative and digital industry sector.

The Creative Quarter geographic area includes Hockley, the Lace Market, Sneinton Market and BioCity. The Creative Quarter Company support businesses in this area, particularly helping creative and digital businesses to start-up, to spin-out, to grow and to thrive.

The Creative Quarter Company promotes the city-centre Creative Quarter as a first-choice location for creative and digital businesses, and a great place to live, learn, work and invest.

Hylyfe will be affiliated with the Creative Quarter and will keep tenants up to date on upcoming events and workshops via the Tenant App. For more information check out the website or social media.

hylyfe resident loyalty card

We are strong believes in supporting local, independent businesses which is why we are creating a Hylyfe Resident Loyalty Card. We are partnering up with the some of the coolest spots from cafes to bars to shops to add another perk to the Hylyfe experience! Some examples include the likes of Ugly Bread, Ginsecco, Curious Tavern, Clean Cut kitchen & more to follow…