starting a rental revolution
starting a rental revolution

a modern way of renting

Out with the old and in with the new. Say goodbye to the traditional way of renting and hello to a stress-free, modern system that streamlines the rental process.

From the moment you register your interest, to your move-in day and duration of your stay, we want to ensure you have a pleasant experience with Hylyfe and this means having the facility to access everything you need through your phone.

From managing your tenancy documents to signing your tenancy, reporting issues within seconds and booking any additional services you may fancy, whether it’s a yoga class or social event. We aspire to be as paperless as possible, so we won’t overload you with a bunch of paperwork on your move in.

The ultimate goal is to deliver a building that supports effective operational management and enhances the overall residential experience.

key features

Flexible Tenancies

We understand life isn’t fixed and circumstances may change, which is why we are open to offering short-term as well as long-term tenancy agreements.

Eco-Friendly Policies

In a world becoming more conscious of the devastating effect of climate change, we will do our best to encourage greener policies. Your apartment will be fitted with recycling bins and guides. You will also find a reusable takeaway coffee cup and water bottle – let’s reduce wasted single-use plastic and help save the world!

Pet Friendly

One of the biggest downfalls of the traditional lettings market is not being pet-friendly. How could we say no to furry friends?


Get your apartment hotel style ready, so the towel is hanging, and your bedding is already laid on day 1 of your move in. We will offer additional packages when you sign up to make your move in even easier.


Once you’ve decided on which apartment you’d like, we will require approved references, we can recommend our partners for a quick turnaround on referencing and simple online forms to complete.

Wi-Fi / Utilities

We have partnered up with some great companies in the market to make sure your Wi-Fi is ready on day one. You also have the option to upgrade if you wish. Our utility provider offers discounted rates to our residents and allows you to manage your spending and bills via an app / portal. Smart meters will be installed to not only help reduce our carbon footprint but also keeps your bills nice and low. It’s a win-win for all.

Tenant App

Prior to your move-in, you will be provided with access to the app where you can review and sign your tenancy agreement and other documents. This ensures everything runs smoothly on your check-in day. During your tenancy you can also report any repairs issues via the app, which will be picked up by the maintenance team.